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In the spring of 2012 Flanders DC launched with Flemish Minister Moerman Fientje the “You are Flanders ‘Future’ – campaign along well with the 22 creative Flemings who were the face of the campaign. It became a huge media campaign on TV and radio and in widely read newspapers and magazines, so that none could see besides Fleming.

On the website of the campaign you could also find their ads next to the videos of the Flanders Future role models, consult a calendar and your own creative ideas with others.

Why do I have to be creative?

In Flanders goes well. We live in a strong socio-economic regions and have all the assets to the future with confidence to see. Above all, we need to use our knowledge and know-how for innovation.

But a successful innovation depends not only from the government. All Flemings should get aware of its importance. Flanders DC sensitizes around creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. The TV program The inventors helps us do that.

Campaign 2012

In the spring of 2012 Flanders DC launched with Flemish Minister Moerman Fientje the “You are Flanders ‘Future’ – campaign along well with the 22 creative Flemings who were the face of the campaign. It became a huge media campaign on TV and radio and in widely read newspapers and magazines, so that none could see besides Fleming.

On the website of the campaign you could also find their ads next to the videos of the Flanders Future role models, consult a calendar and your own creative ideas with others.


Walls color designs:

There is nothing more boring than a white wall! why these designs are delicious color. And if you paint it over the inside edge of the door of a different color, it will be really cool and you will achieve a perfect contrast in your room.



Printed in the bathroom: 

Give a creative touch to your bathroom with a wall stamping one wall. Preferably, put it on the wall behind the toilet or mirror. I already did and it’s like your bathroom automatically became larger, because the pattern creates an illusion of spaciousness.


Put these ideas into practice and give your home decor that you need!


10 Creative pills health

Pills Creative is an initiative of introducing an artist or creator within an organization to find different answers to a particular challenge. It is short projects where four sessions are held during the two-year-long collaboration with the aim of providing methodologies and strategies or bring forth innovative ideas by working together.

The latest edition in Bilbao, held between May and July, has been focused on the health sector, with the participation of 10 public organizations, SMEs and associations, and 10 artists.  Potenzmittel im vergleich worked with Colaborabora in the project ” This gives me vidilla: reinventing health and fitness habits in Bilbao, “a project initiated by Comarca Bilbao participation and who bring health facilities to citizens. As a result we have designed two actions, the promotion of healthy eating in restaurants working with the environment and performing circuits using exercise equipment in public parks.

In the case of collaboration between the Conde de Aresti Estate and architects of Pokemon, has created a blog platform where both staff and the inmates narrate their day to day in downtown, placing value on the skills and knowledge of the residents.The initial challenge was to update the look of the residence and visualize their services. Another collaboration was betweenMedical Management and Mikel Turquesa directed to provide a new implementation of health professionals developed by the company, while the University Hospital of Cruces and Pink Gorillas worked on the design of interventions that humanize areas pediatrics, pediatric surgery and pediatric cancer hospital.

Pills Creative is an initiative that is part of the project Unlikely Connections and has the support of the Basque Government, Adegi, Beaz, Ekintza Bilbao and San Sebastian 2016.


10 books to develop creativity

Boosting creativity is particularly important in any industry , the context in which innovative ideas are necessary to stay competitive. In this sense, true creativity requires the ability to open new paths to a world of unexpected possibilities.

Although some people have more natural talent than others, all can enhance this feature and be more creative. In this direction, we present a list of 10 books and ebooks to develop creativity , published by the blog RRHHDigital :

1. “Creativity and innovation” by John Warner.

This book is a guide to training mode that helps to interpret in detail the results of the questionnaire must be done individually or in groups. The first section gives the coach the key guidelines for organizing a day of work or shop around this skill. The second part analyzes the twelve indicators of each competency, providing very specific suggestions for improvement for each indicator. The third section gives guidelines to develop your plan of action regarding the powers even to the items or indicators chosen ones.

Interested? You can buy it from here .

2. “Creativity: 62 exercises to develop the mind,” by Edward de Bono.

The author is an expert in creativity worldwide. His method has been made mandatory in the education system of many countries, such as Venezuela, and has been implemented in schools in Canada, the US, China and Russia. He also is a consultant to some of the biggest companies in the world. In this book, there are 62 games that encourage creativity and lateral thinking.

Interested? You can buy it from here .

3. “Incremente Su Poder Mental” by Philip Carter and Ken Russell.

Despite the enormous capacity of the human brain, we only use 2% of our potential brainpower. In this book designed for people between 18 and 80 years, there are complete tests designed to exercise your brain. Each chapter is devoted to exercise part of the brain so it can easily be used as a book of hobbies, but at the same long will you be exercising your brain.

Interested? You can buy it from here .

4. “Liberating Theory of Intelligence: Strategies for training mental ability and creativity,” Celso Antunes.

The author discusses in this book the main capabilities of the human being: language, imagination, spatial and temporal sense, touch, taste, smell, hearing, body movements, thoughts and emotions. For each suggested exercises that take you to full mastery of these skills.

Interested? You can buy it from here .

5. “the fault in our stars book pdf” by Michael Michalko.

Michael Michalko has analyzed over a hundred great thinkers from Leonardo da Vinci to Walt Disney, Pablo Picasso, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, etc. This book explains how to get ideas to be much more creative.

Interested? You can buy it from here .

6. “The creativity and new technologies in modern organizations” by Francisco Menchén.

In pre-industrial society the wealth of a country depended on natural resources, while in the industrial period was based on the manufactured capital. However, in today’s society are the sources of wealth of imagination, knowledge and human capital. Menchén Francisco, tireless researcher, thought, with confidence, to combine these three axes, applying them to modern organizations.

Interested? You can buy it from here .

7. “Practice Creativity” by Todd Henry.

For the author is essential in our routine to generate spaces for the creative process, rather than waiting to seep between the cracks of a hectic work schedule. Creativity practice offers a practical way for the reader to discover their own personal creative rhythm.

Interested? You can buy it from here .

8. “The idea factory !: Creativity and Strategy in a Diverse World”, by John Daniel Correa Salazar.

Here the ability to read between the lines in order to penetrate a little beyond the surface is raised, and forget that the obvious is obvious to improve the reading of certain information which is often present before our eyes naked and, for some reason, we refuse to see.

Interested? You can buy it from here .

9. “The Ten Faces of Innovation: Strategy for excellent creativity” by Tom Kelley.

Innovation is the lifeblood of any company, the fuel that keeps up an organization in a very difficult market. However, by its very nature is very difficult to plan it, quantify it and make it available through the training. In this book, Tom Kelley, general manager and brother of the founder of IDEO, explains how.

Interested? You can buy it from here .

10. “101 ways to generate ideas and stimulate creativity,” Timothy Foster.

All the methods taught in this book are authentic, are based on real experiences and they have paid many times and in countless different situations.

Interested? You can buy it from here .

Bonus Book:

Divergent by Novel by Veronica Roth: Divergent PDF book is one of the best books for teens to develop creativity.

Do you know other books? We invite you to add it to our comments section


‘Creative’ can come to receive mental health treatment

Photo: Reference

Researchers in Health Zoned have shown that people who work in professions that require more creativity are also the most frequently receive mental health treatment.

The study says that there is a particularly clear connection between being a writer andschizophrenia. In addition, dancers, photographers and scientific researchers are more likely to have bipolar disorder.

Added to this is that in general, people with jobs that require extra dose of creativity are more prone to anxiety and depression. And among the geniuses, whether artistic or scientific branch, 50% more suicides are committed than in the general population.

Art and creativity with recycled computer parts

What to do with your spare parts computer.

Horse robot created with computer parts
Horse robot Ann Smith (more on Burrow Burrow )

Spain produces about 42,000 tonnes of computer waste per year (1). Recycling of computers is necessary. One way to take advantage of leftover pieces of your PC is to unleash your creativity.

You can see a few examples, the less surprising in Dark roasted blend: Cool art from everyday objects like computer ntn ball bearing and fans.

If you are very “hands” until you can make a car (well, at least tune it :))

Car tuning computer parts

12 mobile apps for creative professionals

The technology today is also our duty to develop our creative capacity with lots of mobile applications for ANDROID or iOS devices among others.

Some of these PPPs can help us to generate ideas, structure them, make decisions, get advice or improve our creative vision of things.

The advantages of using these Apps are limitless, allowing us to work anywhere creativity.

I have been researching a bit and I have selected some Apps that can help in your creative process or to train them and enhance your creativity with any everyday situation.


It is a lightweight application templates to get good results with photographic perched.
‘s description:
If you ever have a lack of ideas, if you get stuck on creativity or just need some advice for photographing people, you can use “Posing App” how template for perching. Many professional photographers use this technique before a session and during image capture.
With this application you will avoid discussions that stance is most appropriate for each situation
The result is very productive and will gain more confidence in your sessions.
Application in English ideal for those who are beginning
charges € 2.29


It’s an APP for mobile app marketing pretty good for learning to enhance creativity, with great tips and interesting resources. Publisher’s description: Ironically, most people, when they need their creativity, often in an emotional state that makes it difficult to access to it. The fear and tensions tend to adversely affect parts of the brain in which we rely to achieve creativity to solve problems.

Set a clear, accurate, and vital goal, is one of the best remedies to exploit our creativity.
Totally Free Full Course and
Other information: http://www.librotecstar.com


This free Android APP is a kind of coaching manual where can consult creative visualization techniques, tips, warnings, and inspirational quotes that motivate you.

Publisher’s description:
Creative visualization is a very powerful process and little known. But if you learn to use it can achieve what you want.
Thought is energy, especially the thought focused and full of emotional energy.
The thoughts change the energy balance around and foster changes in our environment.
The Creative Visualization is a technique that teaches to use their imagination to visualize specific facts or situations that may occur in our life and allows you to open a door for encouraging their realization.
Try this technique and increase your success stories.


It is a mind mapping tool that turns your Android phone or tablet into a canvas where your ideas, make a collection and promote the exchange of ideas, and the final structuring creative processes.


The free version comes with basic features but with powerful mind mapping templates.

It’s a free app that lets us draw our minds with pictures, text and drawing in an infinite board where have moments of genuine creative expansion.

It is very intuitive and allows us to have at the end of a canvas on which expose our ideas by way of introduction.

It’s a fast, free Android application of mind maps to generate lists of how to do things, take up your tasks, implement and plan routes and more.

Publisher’s description:
. If you are not familiar with mind mapping software, no topic
is very similar to a Wikipedia page.

Powered by a simple principle: everything has a hierarchy as a pyramid of blocks.
When you start the application you are presented with a default hierarchy
is thus possible to generate new levels of the pyramid indefinitely, creating linked lists levels earrings, mind maps and more.
You can save, load and delete pyramids at any time.

It is an application for very visual and easy to use mind maps where you can organize your ideas in color
exists versione free and paid.


Publisher’s description
Images can be ordered with the seven colors of the rainbow for each subject. The ideas can be viewed in three ways iris arc -. “Circle”, “apple” or “list”
can also be used as a simple mind map.


Simple App to catalog and record in a database and materialize your ideas more easily. ‘s description: Materialize your ideas easily. Ideamer Android is an easy way to realize and remember your most brilliant ideas anywhere using your mobile device. Once you realize that your new idea is wonderful, you can gather with ease using the simple application forms.

This android application is similar to using the original story cubes that serve to generate spontaneous ideas and link stories, although the version that works properly is the payment.


Allows us to have the dice anywhere.

The game consists of 9 cubes with 54 images, with which you can get more than 10 million combinations of possible stories.
Forms of play:

• Play solitaire as’ creative Sudoku “to stimulate your imagination.
• A creative way to practice a second language
• Involve children in stories to help with literacy skills.
• Rap, write, compose, draw, make … just improvise
• Overcoming Writer’s Block
• Generate colorful characters for your RPG
And all the ways you can think of.

PAYMENT € 1.73

A free App similar to the Story Cubes that serves to almost all android.

Publisher’s description:
. Generate new ideas by combining random words grouped into categories
Add your own words or categories.
Block specific words and generate ideas around them. Submit your idea, save and send your list of ideas.


It is an easy to use and free application for android system used to solve problems in a structured way using the famous technique of the six thinking hats.


It is a very useful android app which helps with generating ideas around a word problem.

Publisher’s description:

It is an application of sophisticated random entries that promotes lateral thinking that moves beyond the established patterns of thinking and encourages creative thinking.
* Requires Adobe AIR to be installed

For IOS in the Apple Store we can find many other Apps also useful such as Idea Stimulator, generator Idea, The brainstormer, Think bits … etc

Dining apps for tablets and mobile devices is continuously growing, so if you know any interesting app to help us work our creativity, I encourage you to share it with us in the blog.Tell us your experiences.



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